Training Opportunities

Continuing Education

All staff who provide direct services to victims will attend eight (8) hours of continuing education each calendar year. The training topics must be related to job responsibilities. Continuing education not provided by ACASA shall be approved by the programs executive director. They must receive hours (1) hour of ACASA approved ethics training every two (2) years.


Upcoming Training

ACASA’s online training includes modules on different topics relating to sexual assault.

NOTE: If you are an advocate seeking the online modules for the Advocacy Certification please take the course title “Basic Advocacy Online Training Course.” This accounts for the 16 hours of online training required for the certification.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela, Lighting Your Way to a Better Future

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Law Enforcement Courses

CLEST Certified Courses:

  • Level I Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault:

    • Course Topics (8 hr class):

      • Sexual Assault Overview

      • Rape Culture

      • Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault: Hospital Setting & Active Crime Scenes

      • Introduction to the Neurobiology of Trauma

      • Introduction to Interviewing Victims

  • Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault in a Confined Setting:

    • Course Topics (4 hr class):

      • Legal Overview

      • Jail Standards / PREA Review

      • Neurobiology of Trauma

      • Responding to Sexual Assaults as a Corrections Officer

      • Communicating with a Victim using a Victim-Centered Approach

      • Evidence Preservation / Collection

      • Report Writing

      • Practical Exercises

Non-CLEST Certified:

  • Law Enforcement Self-Care (2 hr class)

Please contact Kenny Smith for more information:


For Upcoming Training

Check out our Events section for a schedule of upcoming events and training and to register.