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The STOP Formula Grant Program enhances the capacity of local communities to develop and strengthen effective law enforcement and prosecution strategies to combat violent crimes against women and to develop and strengthen victim services in cases involving violent crimes against women.


Be A Man

Be A Man

NOVEMBER 4 Burton Patterson from the Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault & Human Trafficking explores healthy masculinity and how men can hold each other accountable to put an end to rape culture.

Federal Grant Writing 101

Federal Grant Writing 101

DECEMBER 9 Join ACASA's Executive Director, Monie Johnson, as she shows the ins and outs of federal grant writing.

Sexual Assault Report Writing for Law Enforcement

Sexual Assault Report Writing for Law Enforcement

DECEMBER 14 This hour-long webinar will provide officers with a full understanding of the reporting processes for sexual assault and rape cases, which can also be applied to other crimes against persons reporting.

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